002 – How to stay overworked and busy in ministry [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, I talked about the two most common questions I am asked:

1. Are you staying busy?

2. Are you working hard?

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Busyness, working hard, and exhaustion have become badges of honor in our culture.  This, my friends, should not be.  I tweeted awhile back something like, “We must stop wearing busyness as a badge of honor. It is killing us and it does not glorify Jesus.”

To deal with epidemic, I shared 15 ways to guarantee that you will be overworked and busy in ministry.

Here they are (along with my suggestions for a better way).


1. Be convinced that you are the smartest person in the room. (Instead: Be smart enough to draw the best out of everyone else in the room)
2. Never seek the input of those you supervise. (Instead: Let your team envision and create together a better outcome than you could imagine on your own)
3. Always give the answers and never ask questions. (Instead: Be curious enough to learn from everyone and go deeper than what you already know)
4. Create policies and protocols to make sure that everything is done right.  (Instead: Create processes to make sure that right things are done effectively and smoothly)
5. Make sure that every decision requires your personal approval. (Instead: Equip and empower good decision makers)
6. Treat every team member the same. (Instead: Know your team so you can determine how much of your input is needed for each individual team member in each situation)
7. Don’t ask anyone to do anything that you are not personally doing. (Instead: Elevate the ministry of others by equipping and empowering them to use their gifts)
8. Make sure that your team members never outshine you. (Instead: Invest yourself in empowering each member of your team to operate at their full ministry potential)
9. Never praise  your team members publicly or privately. (Instead: Give them something to live up to)
10. Show up at every church activity to demonstrate your support and expect your team members to do the same. (Instead: Be intentional and strategic about how you invest your time and empower your team members to do the same)
11. Never involve people in ministry until they are ready and qualified. (Instead: Intentionally invest in discipling people in ministry)
12. Have an open door policy in your office. (Instead: Develop a process for giving them your best)
13. Be available by phone 24/7. (Instead: Determine your phone process and train your congregation)
14. Immediately answer every text message. (Instead: Determine your process and train your congregation)
15. Teach a Sunday school class. (Instead: Develop teachers and participate as a class member)

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