003 – Celebrate Base Hits to Create Momentum [Podcast]

photo credit: lahabrajournal.com



In this episode I used a baseball metaphor to relate to movement in the church.

I built the discussion around Three Questions (and my answers to each):

1. Why are we always looking for home runs?

  • They are exciting
  • They are dramatic
  • They can change the game with one swing of the bat
  • They are addictive (which means they can cause the batter to lose focus and perspective)

2. What’s the benefit of a base hit?

  • It keeps the game moving forward toward the team’s goals
  • If you string enough of them together you are going to score
  • Often, they are more about technique than power
  • Sometimes an unexpected bloop drops in for a base hit

3. What are the implications for the church?

  • The power of incremental change
  • The encouraging culture of celebration
  • The synergy of “we
  • The visible witness of the “body” metaphor


Resources Referenced:

1 Corinthians 12:12-27

Keith Cooper (Guitar Music)


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