018 – Take a soil test [Podcast]

photo credit: sustainable.co.za



In this episode, the second of two weeks’ podcasts prepared in advance of a  mission trip out of the country, I posted a recording from my sermon archives.



This recording was chosen for two purposes:

1. The content of the sermon – A consideration of the Parable of the Soils in Mark 4:1-20.  Each person must consider what kind of soil he or she is in preparation for receiving the “seed” of God’s word.

2. The context of the sermon – I preached this sermon with an interpreter in the church where I was pastor.  A family had been visiting our church for several weeks.  The wife was originally from Guatemala. Her parents, who spoke no English, came to visit for a month and they wanted to come to church with her.  So, for 4 consecutive Sundays, we did a bi-lingual service for 2 people (in a church with a Sunday morning attendance of about 150).

This family was so blessed that we would adjust our agenda to connect with them that they joined the church, the wife became my interpreter on mission trips, and this family is still faithfully serving in that church 10 years later.

What risks is your church willing to take to connect in fresh ways?

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