020 – Secular no more! [Podcast]

Stop dividing God's world

Secular no more!


In this episode, I unpacked some of my thoughts in response to a recent Facebook post from Leonard Sweet.



Here’s the quote: “I don’t have the energy or the time to live in a divided world–sacred vs. secular. There is only one world. And it is all God’s world, a world “God so loved that …”

I am completely on-board with his thinking and I identified 6 Problems with the Sacred/Secular Distinction that can lead to an unbiblical, unhealthy, and unhelpful worldview

1. View of Self

2. View of Work

3. View of Ministry Calling

4. View of Play, Rest, and Joy

5. View of God and His World

6. View of Truth


I’m trying to remove secular from my vocabulary and live with the understanding that there is only sacred and sinful. 3 Tests to determine if something is sacred or sinful:

1. Content – Can this be done for the glory of God?

2. Intent – Am I seeking to display the character of God?

3. Context – As I seek to display His character and live for His glory, is it the right time and place for this?


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