042 – So you think you’re Guest-Friendly [Podcast]

It is better to Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

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Welcome to Season 1 Episode 42 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  In this episode, I continued with the theme of Episode 41: Make your church more Guest Friendly in 7 Days.

Reminder: There is a BIG difference in being friendly to guests and being guest-friendly.


There is a BIG difference in being friendly to guests and being guest-friendly. Click To Tweet


We are big on making promises.  We are not always big on keeping them.  Not that we don’t intend to keep them.  We just have a habit of over-promising and under-delivering.   There may not be a better example in churches than the concept of guest-friendliness.


Examples of how Churches Over-Promise and Under-Deliver when it comes to Guest-Friendliness:

  1. A “Welcome Center” that is unmanned and disorganized
  2. A stand and greet time, but no friendship space
  3. A website that doesn’t give guest necessary information and is out of date
  4. Greeters inside The main entrance doors
  5. No designated guest parking
  6. Poor directional signage
  7. Poor handicap accessibility
  8. Inconvenient and messy restrooms
  9. Unprioritized nursery
  10. A complicated and invasive guest card
  11. When every guest is unfamiliar to the entire congregation

One Big Idea:

It is better to under-promise and over-deliver by making fewer promises, but exceeding expectations with excellence.  

Let guest-friendliness be an area of constant growth and development. Focus on one area at a time and give it all the support it needs for sustainability and excellence before you move to the next.  Prioritize by considering which areas can make the biggest impact at the earliest date.


It is better to make fewer promises, but exceed expectations with excellence. Click To Tweet


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