065 – How do you get access to the “Upper” room? [Podcast]

Learning to think and focus by the leadership of the Spirit of God

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Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  This episode (65), is a recording of a sermon I recently preached in a church with whom I am doing a consultation.  In the sermon I shared a powerful concept from Will Mancini’s book, Church Unique and unpacked my own ponderings on how we might make some specific applications in the church.



The Upper Room concept comes from the activities of the followers of Jesus in the first few chapters of the book of Acts. What always happens in the “upper room?” – prayer and seeking God’s direction


Church Unique’s Lower Room/Upper Room Overview

The Lower Room is the room that every church has by default

  • Place – Facilities
  • Personality –  Leadership
  • Program – Ministries/activities
  • People – Relationships

The Lower Room is about PROVISION.


The Upper Room is not a room that you have; it is a room that you choose

The Upper Room is about VISION.

The most important thing we do is seek God and seek Him together.

It is only when we have our eyes on God’s vision that we will operate optimally in God’s provision.


It is only when we have our eyes on God's vision that we will operate optimally in God's provision. Click To Tweet


My Upper Room Ponderings  (not from the book)

  • If you try to build it, it automatically becomes part of the lower room
  • We get to the upper room by changing the way we thinkRomans 12:2
  • We are not looking for our vision; we are looking for God’s vision
  • We are more likely to get God’s vision when we are seeking God rather than seeking His vision – Psalm 63


What’s next for you?  How can I assist?

For more information on a Church Unique process for your specific church, please contact my friends at Tarrant Baptist Association.


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