072 – Why should we study the Bible? [Podcast]

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Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  In this episode (72), I am sharing a reading of Chapter 1 of my brand new book, Why “Bible Study” Doesn’t Work: The epic failure of evangelicalism’s favorite discipleship method — and how YOUR CHURCH can do something about it.



In Chapter 1, I reinforced 5 spiritual health benefits of studying God’s word.

1. It affects the condition of our hearts and helps us navigate the rough waters of temptation to sin. (Psalm 119:11)
2. We gain a greater understanding of God’s Word, learning more of His character and purpose, so that we can display that character on every step of the journey. (Psalm 119:105)
3. We avail ourselves to the work of Jesus in showing us ourselves at the depths of who we really are. (Hebrews 4:12)
4. It enables us to be prepared to respond with the right spiritually healthy good work that is needed in each situation. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
5. We have the opportunity to intentionally focus on our visible mission of equipping followers of Jesus. (2 Timothy 2:15)


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Most recent reviews

ES (Five Stars) – Gerry Lewis has a God given talent for writing in a way that is encouraging while truthfully admonishing.

Rick LeDonne (Five Stars) – Dr. Lewis did an amazing job. Not only did he give the reader valuable actions to use RIGHT AWAY, he delivers it in a quick and easy read which is loaded with a Spirit filled foundation. I cannot wait until my summer bible study gets together. I am now far better prepared and will be able to make gentle changes in the way I prepare which will help EVERYONE engage on a deeper level while encouraging new disciples in our lives. Bravo, Gerry. Well done!!!

Jerry Barker (Five Stars) – This book will give you hope for the work of the church in current and coming generations. An important read for the Body of Christ!

CB (Five Stars) – Most books that I have read over the years approach discipleship essentially from a “deistic” standpoint where a mature believer takes a new/younger believer through some material; the new “disciple” is then told to “disciple” someone else. Instead, Dr. Gerry Lewis paints a picture of discipleship that is Christocetric where “discipleship” isn’t just something you’re “supposed to do” like eating your vegetables, but rather something that makes for a healthier disciple and healthier churches. Don’t take offense to the title. Buy it. Read it. Apply it. And let Jesus use it to form more Christlike followers in your church.

Tina Birkhoff (Five Stars) – What a delicious description of a well needed revision to studying the Bible! I have facilitated scripture study for many years and “Why Bible Study Doesn’t Work” gave me new angles to look at and enriched enthusiasm to take with me for future studies! Thanks Dr. Lewis!!


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