074 – What’s missing in our Bible studies? [Podcast]

Audio version of Chapter 3 of my new book


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Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  In this episode (74), I am sharing a reading of Chapter 3 of my brand new book, Why “Bible Study” Doesn’t Work: The epic failure of evangelicalism’s favorite discipleship method — and how YOUR CHURCH can do something about it.


If you have not listened to the previous chapters, you may want to do that before listening to this one.

Introduction – Why “Bible Study” Doesn’t Work

Chapter One – Why should we study the Bible?

Chapter Two – A blueprint for a Jesus-focused church



Chapter Overview – Intentionality, Accountability, and Support in Group Bible Study

Intentionality – Every member of the group understands that the #1 purpose of this group is to assist and encourage one another toward growth in living out the Christ-life.  Everything we do will be centered on that goal.

Accountability – Every member of the group will leave every group meeting with a specific action plan for applying what we learned today and we will share those plans with one another so that we can be praying for one another during the week.

Support – We will report back to one another at each gathering how we did with our action plans from the previous gathering.  We will celebrate victories.  We will give the proper encouragement to those who struggle and help them process ways to approach the week ahead.  We won’t focus so much on what is wrong, but on what is missing.




What do you need to know about the book?  (click on links)


Recent reviews

JDJ Shepherd (Five Stars) – Refreshing! Thanks for the new perspective, it is needed in the churches!


Amazon Customer (Five Stars) – Dr. Lewis gives a very simple yet compelling treatise for how to deliver bible study in way that is effective and attractive. His Ten Commandments alone are worth the purchase. Get your copy now and buy one for your small group leader.


Debra Crawford (Five Stars) – Fabulous read! Dr Lewis puts some very practical and easily understood topics in this book that help me easily understand where I can improve my bible study skills. Reviewing a passage, he puts it from several different translations and I really enjoy learning what they mean and how to adapt this new learning in my walk with God and with my family.


G. Barnes (Five Stars) – Enjoyed reading this book. Make disciples! How? This book gives you clear ways to do just that. Easy to understand and many ideas to put into practice! I would recommend this book to all Bible Study teachers.


Donald Hintze (Four Stars) – Practical, Biblical approach to Disciple Making. Gerry does a good job of reminding us on how Jesus did it and how we should make disciples.


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