075 – Transforming “Bible Study” into Disciple Making [Podcast]

Audio version of Chapter 4 of my new book

Transforming -Bible Study-intoDisciple Making

Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  In this episode (75), I am sharing a reading of Chapter 4 of my brand new book, Why “Bible Study” Doesn’t Work: The epic failure of evangelicalism’s favorite discipleship method — and how YOUR CHURCH can do something about it.


If you have not listened to the previous chapters, you may want to do that before listening to this one.

Introduction – Why “Bible Study” Doesn’t Work

Chapter One – Why should we study the Bible?

Chapter Two – A blueprint for a Jesus-focused church

Chapter Three – What’s missing in our Bible studies?



Chapter Overview – 10 commandments for transforming “Bible study” into powerfully effective Disciple Making 

  1. Thou shalt not bore thy class (Be engaging).
  2. Thou shalt celebrate authenticity (Be real).
  3. Thou shalt prepare with intentionality (Be prepared).
  4. Thou shalt redeem the time (Be timely).
  5. Thou shalt engage THE STORY (Be focused).
  6. Thou shalt embrace the mission of the church (Be on mission).
  7. Thou shalt encourage the Body (Be connected).
  8. Thou shalt empower disciples (Be purposeful).
  9. Thou shalt unleash ministers (Be catalytic).
  10. Thou shalt journey with joy (Be joyful).



What do you need to know about the book?  (click on links)


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