081 – Church lessons from a restaurant opening [Podcast]

Are you listening to your guests?

Church lessons from a restaurant opening


Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  In this episode (81), I am sharing some thoughts from a recent restaurant visit and how that relates to your church’s guest-friendliness.



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Top church insights from the restaurant grand opening

  • Help your members know your church.  Each member and regular attender is part of the unofficial guest-relations team.
  • Pay attention to your guests.  They see things you don’t see.  Their questions and comments can actually help you see your blind spots.
  • Develop really good systems for all you do and evaluate regularly.  What is going well?  What needs attention? What are we missing?
  • Feed them really good food. The best “guest experience” in the world is no substitute for spiritual nourishment.


Question:  What’s the first adjustment you can make starting today to make your church more guest-friendly?



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