084 – The #1 question you MUST ask when planning a church event [Podcast]

Spoiler alert: It is the question that is most seldom asked



Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  In this episode (84), I shared 6 important questions to ask when you are planning a church event. I wrapped up with the #1 question that MUST be asked, but seldom is.



6 Important Questions:

  1. The Why Question: why are we doing this event?
  2. The Who Question: who is our target, who do we need, who are our partners?
  3. The What Question: what kind of event is it going to be? (traditional, annual, seasonal, fellowship/community building, outreach, spiritual growth, etc)
  4. The Where Question: where is the best place for us to hold this event?
  5. The When Question: is there a particular time of year, day, week that is the best time for this event?
  6. The How Much Question: how much is it going to cost?


The #1 question that MUST be asked, but most seldom is: HOW does this event fit within our mission/vision journey?

Think of mission as the map of where you are headed and vision as the picture on the front of the travel brochure. (Based on concepts from Will Mancini’s Church Unique)

Events aren’t effective in isolation.  They are steps, not goals.  They are means, not ends.  Keep your events vision-centric.


Events are steps, not goals; means, not ends. Keep them vision-centric. Click To Tweet



Resources mentioned:


New Small Church

Book: The Grasshopper Myth (Karl Vaters)

Previous Podcast Episode 09 – How to have a church failure … And why you should try to

Book: Church Unique (Will Mancini)


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