085 – When in doubt, Reboot. [Podcast]

A three step process for ministries out of alignment



Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  In this episode (85), I shared how sometimes a ministry needs to be reviewed, realigned, and rebooted.  Part of this episode is a personal testimony of getting out of alignment.



How do you know when a ministry might need a reboot?

  1. It is not being resourced effectively (time, energy, focus).
  2. It is becoming a burden, rather than a joy.
  3. It is draining resources from other ministries.
  4. It has lost its “why.”


A three step process

Step 1: Review – Is it still needed?  Are resources still available?  Does it have a compelling purpose?  Is it consistent with the current vision?  If the answer to those questions is NO, then maybe it is time to set it aside for a period of time.  If the answer is YES, then we can move to step two.

Step 2: Realign – What is keeping this ministry from effectiveness?  How does it need to be adjusted?  What adjustments will be required in other areas? How does it fit in the big picture?

Step 3: Reboot – Perhaps a new emphasis or focus.  Perhaps a new schedule. Perhaps new structure or system.  Perhaps new input and fresh eyes/ears.


What ministries in your church may be in need of a reboot?  How can I further assist you?


A risky move

I’m seeking your input.  I can do most of the internal processing, but I can’t put fresh eyes and ears on this podcast.  What suggestions to you have for me?  What am I doing right?  What am I doing wrong? What is missing or confusing? Please leave your helpful comments below.




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