087 – The most political and UNpolitical post I have ever written [Podcast]

It's time to stop pointing fingers and start owning our choices



Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast.  In this episode (87), I shared an upcoming blog post that I have scheduled for the week before Election Day 2016.  Both the nation at large and the Church of Jesus Christ are more divided over this election than any I have seen in my lifetime.  There has been more finger-pointing and questioning of the depth of one another’s faith than I have ever seen.

I am grieved more over the division than I am about the choices we have in candidates.  That is saying a lot!



The idea of the blog post came to me as I spent some time being disturbed by another round of Facebook posts that either excused one candidate based on “the other candidate has done things far worse” or attacked the supporters of other candidates as somehow being unintelligent, ignorant, or faithless.


You can read the post here


Here are some of my own convictions as we approach Election Day

  1. On November 9, our job as followers of Jesus will be the same.  It may be harder, but it will be the same.
  2. Some of the reasons it may be harder will be less due to the outcome of the election and more due to how we have behaved leading up to the election.
  3. This is only the most crucial election in our lifetime because it is the one that is about to happen.
  4. Jesus never said that we will be known as His disciples by our voting choices.
  5. Disagreeing, and doing so vehemently, with those in authority over us is NEVER a Biblical excuse for disrespecting them or dishonoring their role.
  6. Every local congregation is going to be dealing with the consequences of how those who claim to be Christians have behaved during this election cycle.
  7. We can’t complain that Jesus has been removed from the public square if He is not the center of attention in our churches and in our individual lives.
  8. The time to change our focus is TODAY, not after Election Day.
  9. How much your church matters to God and the significance of your ministry will not be affected one iota by this election.
  10. The amazing Christ-life will be just as amazing one year from today.




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