089 – Make your church more Guest-Friendly in only 7 days [Podcast]

Immediate impact starting next Sunday



Welcome to Season 2 of the Your Church Matters podcast. In this episode (89) I shared an encore recording of a previous podcast (Episode 41) where I talked about some simple things you can do in the next few days to make your Sunday morning experience more “Guest Friendly.”  These are not effortless, but the effort is minimal and the potential impact far exceeds the cost.


A church that is friendly to guests is not the same thing as a church that is guest-friendly. Click To Tweet



3 Simple Steps toward “Guest Friendliness”

1. Define “Guest Friendly”

  • It is different from “friendly”
  • Think of it as “user friendly”
  • Think of it as lowering the intimidation factor and removing barriers

2.  Stop using the word “Visitor”

  • “Visitor” implies “outsider” who needs to be identified
  • “Guest” is someone who is welcome and wanted who needs to be included
  • Start with the spoken welcome

3. Design your bulletin/worship folder with the Guest in mind

  • What do they absolutely need to know? (service times, contact information)
  • What would be helpful to know? (coming events and opportunities, mission/vision statement)
  • How easy on the eyes is the layout?

(Check out Dr. Thom Rainer’s podcast on the topic of church bulletins: 9 Things a Church Bulletin Must Have)


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