095 – Give me 10 good reasons not to give up on Facebook [Podcast]

10 tips for Facebook engagement for individuals and churches

Welcome to Season 3 of the Your Church Matters podcast. In this episode (95) was inspired by the Facebook post of a friend (not just a FB friend, but a real one for over 30 years).  I responded on Facebook and then decided to do a podcast for the benefit of other Christ-followers and churches who may be dealing with the same question.

The Seed

My friend’s post: Looking for 10 reasons to not leave facebook….ready…go

My response: Because we who have higher aspirations for Facebook and other social media should not abandon it to the trolls, whiners, critics, and generally miserable people who use it for no other reason than to spread their misery. Facebook is unparalleled in its connection potential for either good or evil. I choose to be intentional in how I use it for good, knowing that I will have to ignore a lot, block some, and endure some for the sake of making use of its kingdom potential. I hope you will as well.

The Growing Thoughts

Rather than simply giving reasons not to give up on Facebook, I thought it more helpful to give tips on how those of us who are not giving up can use it for effective engagement.


10 Tips for Facebook Engagement

1. See it as a tool.

2. See it as 1 tool in your toolbox.

3. Use it strategically to serve a larger mission.

4. Never forget that you are the guest in a public space.

5. Never forget that you represent your God, your church, your community.

6. Social media is about influence. We do not expand influence through burning bridges.

7. “Yes, and” is conversation.  “Yes, but” is argument. Nothing moves forward without common ground.

8. Please don’t equate yourself with Jesus or the prophets as an excuse for being offensive.

9. Don’t get sucked into other people’s drama.

10. Take regular breaks, unplug, get outside and breathe, be completely present with real people. (Turn off push notifications).


I mentioned this quote in this episode: Once you become a political operative for one party, you are a tool to one party, and enemy to the other, and prophetic to neither. The quote was from a guest on a recent episode of the 200 Churches Podcast.

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