109 – What I learned about church from “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” [Podcast]

A foodie's take on why someone would want to come to your church


Welcome to Season 3 of the Your Church Matters podcastIn this week’s episode, I’m sharing some reflections from one of my favorite TV shows – Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network. I’ve had a lot of conversations with church leaders who asked, “Why aren’t people coming to our church?”  It occurs to me that we need to be asking, “Why would anyone come to our church?”

I think we can learn something from the restaurants featured on DDD.



Top 5 Lessons for Churches from DDD

  1. The Restaurants featured on DDD are not trying to be like any other restaurant.  They have found their unique voice in the community.
  2. The Restaurants featured on DDD focus on great food in a welcoming atmosphere.
  3. The Restaurants featured on DDD are not afraid to try something new. In fact, they are always creating.
  4. The Restaurants featured on DDD are neighborhood hangouts. (Unless they are food trucks. In that case, they take the hangout to where the people are).
  5. The Restaurants featured on DDD let their patrons be their voice.  Often, Guy Fieri checks a place out because he got an email from a regular customer.  (Here’s the email address: storyideas@tripledinfo.com)

Here’s the iPhone DDD locator app I use.

Questions for Churches

  1. Have we found our unique voice in our community or are we trying to (A) be a copy of another church or (B) fit into the mold of our “chain” (denomination, etc)?
  2. Are we trying to do too many things to the detriment of clear Biblical teaching and true Biblical fellowship? When people come the first time, are they welcomed as friends and fed a delicious spiritual meal?
  3. Are we settled into a rut, or are we constantly evaluating the quality of our ministries and seeking to enhance them?
  4. How are we engaging our neighborhood?  What are people outside the church saying about us?  Are we making “hangout” connections?
  5. What are our members saying about us?  Are they enthusiastically inviting their friends and neighbors?


What I loved about the church where I worshiped last Sunday

Church: FBC Newark (Texas)

What I loved:

  • Teenagers on the platform
  • Family atmosphere after the service


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