2017 is going to be Amazing!

I hope you haven't already given up on it

“Now go and be amazing!” 

I simply spoke the phrase that popped into my head.  And it may have changed the course of my life.

I was sitting on a bench overlooking the Trinity River on an unseasonably warm December day in 2014. I was recording the introductory episode of my brand new podcast, Your Church Matters with Dr. Gerry Lewis, that would be launching in January, 2015. 

I had been telling a little bit of my story, by way of introduction, and my plans and dreams for this new podcast that would remind pastors and church leaders that, “No matter where you are, your church matters to God and your ministry IS significant.” I signed off with, “Now go and be amazing.”

Two years and 92 episodes later, that’s still the final tag of every episode.  I am so convinced that I am supposed to be amazing and share amazing, that I developed a new personal mission statement in October, 2016:

“I guide explorers along their next steps toward amazing.”

Whether it is through a newspaper column, blog, podcast, writing/developing resources, or personal coaching and consulting, my purpose is to walk alongside those who believe amazing is possible and who are willing to go on a journey of exploration to discover it.

As a follower of Jesus, I believe that we are most amazing when we are amazed by God and join Him in His amazing activity in the world.  So, when I encourage a pastor, church leader, or other Christ-follower to go and be amazing, that is the framework in which I’m operating.

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But I also know that just about everyone has an idea of what amazing looks like, both in personal and work life.  And while I personally believe that a life that is not faith directed will fall short of its full amazing potential, there are some things that will keep anyone from their next steps toward amazing, regardless of their faith perspective.

I offer two roadblocks here for your consideration:

1. You don’t believe amazing is really possible.  You believe life is about what happens to you.  You believe that life is directed by fate or karma and that the best that you can hope for is a bit of luck.  You seriously underestimate the power of your choices.

2. You are not willing to explore.  You are risk-adverse.  You fear the unknown more than you fear the status quo.  You avoid anything that takes you out of your comfort zone or requires you to learn something new.  You are trying to navigate life looking in the rearview mirror of your past rather than through the windshield of the road ahead.

You cannot choose what will happen to you in 2017, but you can choose how you will respond.  You can choose to believe that your life matters to God and join Him in amazing.  You can choose to risk the adventure of the road ahead and join other explorers on the journey.

Will your 2017 be amazing?  You get to decide.

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