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Thanks for visiting my online home.  This is my personal blog (launched July 7, 2014) dedicated to my life’s mission:  “I guide explorers along their next steps toward amazing.”

I am an Amazon Best Selling Author and a Strengths Optimization Coach (my term for the kind of coach-sulting I do).

I do have an earned doctorate, but I’m not impressed by how educated I am and you shouldn’t be either.  So, why drgerrylewis.com?

Two reasons:

(1) gerrylewis.com was not available. I own another domain (gerrylewisonline.com) and will soon have it redirected to this site.

(2) When I finished my doctorate in 1996, some friends and church members started calling me Dr. G.  It just kind of stuck as a nickname.  In 2013, I launched a  Facebook group and then a blog, Dr. G’s Morning Cup of Encouragement.  We just decided that the “doc” thing has become a part of my identity (kind of like my facial hair).

I’m just a guy on an amazing journey that has taken me from …

  • being primarily a singer, worship leader and concert artist to …
  • 20 years as a senior pastor of two churches (Trinity Baptist Church in Tucumcari, NM and Eagle Mountain Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, TX) to …
  • my current (since 2008) full-time job as executive director of a regional network of Baptist churches (Harvest Baptist Association, headquartered in Decatur, TX)

I’ve almost always had other ministries going at the same time …

  • I launched That’ll Preach Ministries in 1984 and it continues today as a ministry of speaking, singing, and resourcing for local churches and ministries.
  • I started writing Life Matters as an email devotional in 1998.  It has been a blog since 2009 and has expanded to a weekly column in 3 local newspapers since 2011.
  • I launched Life Matters Publications in 2007 with the publication of my first book of collected Life Matters posts.  It is now the way I am self-publishing print resources and eBooks.
  • I launched Next Step Coaching and Consulting in 2012 to focus on empowering and equipping leaders of churches, non-profit organizations, and school districts.  I am member of the International Coach Federation and hold the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation from that organization. I am also a member of the Society for Church Consulting and am working toward certification. I am also an area-specific licensed client facilitator with Franklin Covey Leadership.

My education …

The things that really, really matter to me …

  • My amazing wife of 32 years, Eva (or Mrs. Sweetie, as my readers know her)
  • My incredible children, Tova and Zeke, and their equally incredible spouses, Joe and Allie.
  • My beautiful and perfect granddaughter, Aziza
  • My spectacular and amazing grandson, Owen
  • Reading great books and trying to write good ones
  • Listening to music and making it whenever possible
  • Worshiping with God’s people
  • Empowering leaders
  • Helping churches become more healthy

Some things that I really, really like …

  • Hiking and kayaking
  • Photography
  • Traveling to new places and trying out new restaurants
  • Cooking (rarely with a recipe … most often trying to create something new)
  • A really good cup of coffee


So, that’s me.  I’d love to connect with you and join you on your journey.  I’d be honored if you would join my subscriber list so I can share new content with you.

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