Why “Bible Study” Doesn’t Work

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3D JPEGWhen did Bible Study become the broccoli of the Christian life?

Eat more broccoli! It’s good for you! Study the Bible more… attend more “Bible studies!” It’s good for you!

Shouldn’t studying the Bible be more than simply something that is good for us? Shouldn’t studying the Bible together with other followers of Jesus actually strengthen us for a healthy lifestyle of following Jesus on the journey of the Christ-life? Did we miss a turn somewhere?

Let me ask you a question. If more (or better) Bible studies is really the answer, how in the world do we have so many people who:

• Have gone to Sunday School for decades
• Have attended, helped in, and taught Vacation Bible School
• Have participated in multiple 13-week or 40-day video-based Bible study courses
• And are Biblically illiterate and don’t have any idea how to think or live Biblically?

It seems that we have a disconnect somewhere.

I’d like to offer, in this brief book, a way of rethinking Bible study. A way that refocuses studying the Bible with the intent of making disciples. A way that emphasizes not just the “what” of Bible study, but also the “how” and the “why” of studying the Bible.


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What readers are saying:

Amazon Customer – Kudos- The Title – stopped me in my tracks!   This book was exactly what I needed. After 3 years of one on one study, my Paul challenged me to speak at a community prayer breakfast. Well, in short, that led to me leading a small group bible study and this book validated some of the things the Spirit has instructed and encouraged me to improve in other areas. Thank you and God bless… You’ve enhanced our discipleship! Can’t wait to gently implement some changes in our group.

K. Fisher – A MUST have guide.  Download the version first but HAD to buy a hard copy to share.

James D. Bailey – Required reading for aspiring Bible study leaders.  A clear, concise evaluation of the failure of Bible study groups to transform the minds and hearts of Christians, with practical guidelines as to what can be done to correct the situation. This would be a great tool in the hands of anyone who leads or who intends to lead an adult Bible study group.

Eric K. Purtee Change Your Point of View Now.  A lively piece of writing that shows the importance to not just looking at the words but understanding the concepts, feelings and emotions that belong to you and others when reading the Bible. It provides you with a new and exciting perspective on how to make the Bible more connected to you and those you study with.



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