Church Assistance Resources

This page is new (uploaded November 10, 2014) and under construction.  I plan for it to be like those big city highways that are constantly under construction.   Hopefully, we can avoid the bad part of construction (slow traffic, unclear signs, congestion) and keep the good part (constant updates of new things to see and explore).

Some resources will be things that I have created and will be accessible on my site.  Those resources links will be indicated by bold italic fonts below.

Other resources will be things that I have discovered elsewhere.  In that case, I will do my best to link you to the original source.

Use the comment section at the bottom of the page to respond to any resource on this page (or to suggest a really good one that I might want to add).  You can also email me at if you would prefer to keep your comments and suggestions private.


Pastor/Staff Search Team Helps

Searching for a New Pastor

The Pastoral Search Process

Minister Search Committee Reference Guide: When the Church Seeks New Staff

100 Good Questions for Pastor Search Teams


Developing Compensation/Benefits Package for Church Staff

2014 Southern Baptist Compensation Study

Compensation Planning Guide

Compensation Planning Resources for Your Church

Suggestions for Minister’s Compensation Package

Sample Severance Pay Policy

Sample Time Away and Vacation Policy

Sample Employee Reimbursement


Pastor/Staff Job Description and Covenant

A Suggested Minister’s Covenant

The Care of a New Pastor

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