Has the FORCE awakened in you?

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has the force awakened


Where were you on December 18, 2015?  Were you in line with costumed nerds waiting for The Force to awaken?  Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

Yes, I am a Star Wars fan.  No, I did not dress in costume.  No, I did not wait in line.  In fact, I didn’t even see the new movie until December 29, 11 whole days after it came out!

I even have to admit that I slept through part of the movie, not because it was boring, but because it’s what I do if I’m in a dark room and a semi-reclined chair at 4:00 in the afternoon.  My kids will tell you that I have missed a few moments of some of my all-time favorite movies.  That’s why I usually wait until I can see them at home: so I can hit “pause” when I’m sleepy, thirsty, need to use the restroom, etc.

There was something else that happened on December 18 that was much more important to me.  I launched a new book.  Actually, it is a book that I had previously written, but I bought back the publishing rights and released a revised and updated version on December 18.

Why would I choose a launch day when all the attention was on the new Star Wars movie?  Because it is a book on Christian living with a Star Wars theme.  I actually began writing the first version when the previous movie came out.

“Culture Wars: In search of spiritual Jedi” is not a book of science fiction, but of the reality that we need a different approach if we are ever going to see true cultural transformation.  A quote from the book may help explain that:

“What we need to help transform this culture are some Christians who take the Jedi approach to life from a purely Christian perspective—their spiritual loyalties, their service, their interdependence, their humility—all driven by their total surrender to Jesus Christ.”

To my fellow Christ-followers, I say that our battle is not AGAINST the culture, but FOR the culture.  Our lightsaber of truth is the Bible.  The Holy Spirit is The Force at work in us.  I said it this way in the book:

“This book is issued as a challenge: A challenge to be unsatisfied with cultural capitulation.  A challenge to love God more than we love the culture.  A challenge to love the culture too much to hand it over to the enemy. A challenge to become spiritual Jedi—entering the battle for the culture, wielding the lightsaber of truth under the direction of God’s Holy Spirit.”


To my fellow Christ-followers, I say our battle is not AGAINST the culture, but FOR the culture. Click To Tweet


The problems in our culture are not “out there.”  I am the problem.

When I lose my focus, I will surrender to the Dark Side.  Every time.  I’m looking for some fellow Jedi who are convinced that our culture matters to God.

Will you join me?

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