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free ebooks and more


I’m writing today to tell you about a special opportunity only available to my email subscribers for the rest of 2015.

  • I have a special offer right now for everyone who subscribes.  For the rest of 2015, my email subscribers will receive a free copy of EVERY EBOOK I RELEASE THIS YEAR.  There are several in the works … some will be more church related and others will be directed more towards our personal spiritual journeys.

Links for the first two will be sent out March 1:

10 Mistakes Pastorless Churches Make (and recommendations for avoiding them)

30 Days of Wisdom

  •  I’m also inviting my email subscribers to assist me in a special project.  I wrote a book in 2007 called Culture Wars.  It was a book focused on transforming the culture by beginning in the church and I used a Star Wars metaphor as the backdrop.  The book is no longer in print, but I am working on a revised and updated version to release in December of this year in conjunction with the new Star Wars movie that is being released.

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  • For the next few weeks (beginning the first week in March), I’ll be sending my email subscribers a preview chapter each week.  You will have a chance to read the chapter, comment on it, and suggest one possible discussion question for the new group study guide that will be included in this version.  No one but my family and my email subscribers will have that opportunity. (You’ll also get a sneak peak at possible cover designs for the new edition when they become available). Watch for a Message to My Community email with something related to Culture Wars in the title.


  • Of course, you will also receive new content (blog posts, podcast show notes, special announcements of new products and resources) directly to your inbox each week.

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