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Strengths Optimization Coaching for Leaders


The International Coach Federation definition:  The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Val Hastings (Coaching4Clergy) definition: Coaching is a partnership that turns passion and potential into great performance and productivity.

I have chosen for my own coaching slogan: Empowering your next step toward amazing


That means that my coaching is:

  •  Client Focused – I do not come with any agenda or expertise except to help you see more clearly the next step in your agenda … empowered by your expertise. (Coaching is not mentoring)
  • Passion Driven  –  My passion is to help you find your “sweet spot” and put your passion to work powerfully in your own life and ministry.
  • Christ Centered – My desire is to help you see what God is doing in your life and help you discover how to fulfill your unique calling and mission.
  • Forward Facing  – Coaching is focused on helping you take your next step, not on rehashing your last step. (Coaching is not therapy)
  • Potential Celebrating  – My role is to help you identify, tap into, and maximize your creativity, resources, and giftedness.
  • Accountability Based – The focus is on taking your next step, not hypothesizing about your next possible potential maybe.  I am responsible for helping you focus.  You are responsible for action.
  •  Anonymously Supportive – Not only do I maintain confidentiality about anything we discuss in coaching, but your solutions, action plans, passions and results are the only thing that will ever be seen because I don’t bring any to the table.  (Coaching is not consulting)


I offer a complimentary coaching session to all potential clients.

If you engage me as your coach, packages start at $147. Email me for details.



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Strengths Optimization CoachSulting for Churches


Combining the skills of professional coaching with world class resources of discovery, I am able to serve as an expedition guide for your church through an adventure of:

  • Discovery of your uniqueness and strengths – your Where and Who
  • Refining of your vision – your Why
  • Development of your Kingdom strategy – your What

Church CoachSulting Packages start at $447. Email me for details.



I am Executive Director/Director of Missions of Harvest Baptist Association (since 2008) and Founding Consultant of Next Step Coaching and Consulting (since 2012).

I have a Bachelor of Music Education from West Texas A&M University, a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

I served in local church ministry for 24 years, 4 in the areas of Music & Youth, and 20 in the role of Senior Pastor.

I am a graduate of Professional Coach Training through Coaching4Clergy.

I hold the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation with the International Coach Federation.

I have been coaching clients since 2010 and have logged over 200 hours of coaching.

I am a certified Trainer with Coaching4Clergy to conduct Basic Coach Skills Training.

I am Level 2 certified with Ministry Insights as a Leading From Your Strengths practitioner

I am a member of the Society for Church Consulting and have completed the course work and project for certification.  All that remains is my final report and approval.

I am certified as a Transformational Church consultant under the umbrella of Tarrant Baptist Association.


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