The best part of waking up

As much as I love my coffee, that's not it.


Anyone out there remember that commercial?  The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to see it on Youtube).

Do you also remember when the coffee choices at the grocery store were pretty much Folgers and Maxwell House?

Depending on what study you believe, I either drink too much coffee or I have just the right amount of coffee to get all the great antioxidant benefits.


I just enjoy coffee.  And I enjoy a great variety in my coffee.  This explains why there at least eight different blends in my pantry right now.  And three different machines for preparing them on my kitchen cabinet.

I am closing in on my 10th anniversary at Harvest Baptist Association. But back when I was still pastor of Eagle Mountain Baptist Church and Cross Timbers Coffee Company was open on Main Street in Azle, it was pretty much my office annex.  So many meetings happened there over good cups of coffee. So many conversations.  So many prayers.  And probably a few too many Paninis and Muffins (but I digress).

When CTCC was about to close, I went in and asked if I could buy one of the “house” mugs with the logo.  This place, this coffee, these friends had been such a part of my life that I wanted to have that memento.  It became one of my irreplaceable losses when our HBA office building burned in 2010.

So, what brought about this little trip down memory lane today?  I woke up and poured myself a cup of coffee and started thinking about the best part of waking up.  As much as I enjoy my coffee, it is only part of the picture.

The best part of waking up is waking up and seeing Mrs. Sweetie right there next to me where she has been for almost 34 years.  The best part continues when I go and select the cups from our varied collection and pour whichever blend I selected and prepared the night before.  The best part continues when I take her cup to the bedroom and mine to my rocking chair by the living room window.  The best part continues as I sip the coffee and open God’s word and spend time with the One who made me, who gave me the gift of a soul-mate, a roof over my head, good coffee, and a cup to drink it from.

The Bible says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” ( James 1:17)  That means that I didn’t earn any of the blessings I have.  I might have worked hard for them and purchased them, but even the job I go to is a gift from God.

The Bible also says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

The best part of waking up is knowing that our lives matter to God, He has provided more than we deserve, and He has a purpose for us to honor Him in all of it.


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Put that in your cup and savor it. It is good to the last drop.


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