We aren’t special

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“Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18, New Living Translation)

One of the books I am using for my morning devotional time this year is Hearing God through the Year” by Dallas Willard.  The devotional I read this morning so touched me that I want to share it here with you.

When God speaks to us it does not prove that we are right or even that we are good. In fact we may have misunderstood what God said.  The infallibility of God the speaker does not guarantee our infallible reception. However, phrases such as “God told me” or “the Lord led me” are commonly used to prove that “I am right,” “My ideas are right” or “you should follow me.” No such claim is automatically justified.

So if a conversational walk with God does not guarantee my always being right, what is the use of it?  Why should we attempt to hear God if it won’t ensure that we’re on the right track? God’s purposes in speaking to us are not to support our roles or to make sure that we are right.  God speaks to us to give us opportunities to be and to do good and responsibilities to care for and guide others.

We aren’t special because God has spoken to us.  We are special because God formed us in our mothers’ wombs to bear His image.  We are special because Jesus died for our sins.  We share that sense of “special” with every person who has ever lived, because God is able to simultaneously concentrate on each of us individually. (Being God does have its perks).

His speaking to us doesn’t prove that we are special, nor does it make us more special, except in the sense that we are especially responsible to follow His leading and fulfill His purpose in us. 

Question: How will you humbly make the most of every opportunity to which God directs you today?

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